About Us

Production Plant and Equipment

Our working office is located in Chengdu city and manufacturing base located in Deyang city, taking around one hour to driver there, having area of synthetic workshop reaching up to more than 1,000㎡, which would be more than 4,000㎡ for our cooperated synthetic factory. We have standard R&D lab, synthetic workshop, different size of manufacturing equipments to meet research use or production orders with variety of quantity tiered.

History&Enterprise Culture

Sichuan Jiaying lai Technology Co., Ltd. founded in 2011, growing up rapidly in the past ten years. This year our own manufactiring base put into use to meet exposively increasing order requirements. Meanwhile we also focus on setting up strict quality management, which is in line with GB/T19001-2016/ISO9001:2015 Standard requirements. A good EHS system established is also in accordance with pharmaceutical system and OSHA requirements, always on the way to improvement.
Our philosophy: Innovation, Honesty and Integrity, Contribution to the present society and later ages. Our aim: people oriented, common development. We are working hard to provide a good platform and development space for employees, and to best fit the customers' needs with high quality and valued products. We are sincerely willing to work with you to develoment, go hand in hand and create brilliant future!

R&D Team

We have a professional and experienced R&D team composed by returnees, MD, MS, university professors, and senior engineers who have rich experience in industry practices. We warmly welcome inquiries including R&D, CDMO, CMO, CRO.
We could designate synthetic route by providing structure, optimize process to be competive in the market and mmplify production if needed.
Our R&D production capacity is also sufficient to meet urgent timeline reseach use or project evalating use.

Quality Management System

We own comprehensive detecting instruments and equipment(including testing of HPLC, GC, HNMR, AT, TLC, Specific Rotation, Water(K.F), IR and UV spectrum etc). We have professional technicians dedicatedly responsible for QA control, including raw material quality control, production process tcontrol, and finished product testing. All our records can be traced. Our quality management system established is in line with GB/T19001-2016/ISO9001:2015 Standard requirements. Documents regarding product quality control that customer concern can be shared and provided per requests.

Staff Training&Our Team

We normally apply with 1-2 months training to all new ones, to understand our standard operation process, making sure of their understanding and operating well. After getting passed from an final examination, our staff could go on with daily process. Meanwhile new one will go after by an old one who is professional and practical. We hold on a meeting every week to discuss and share cases that we came acorss last week and staff from same position could get learned from others. Our team will get stronger and stronger as we do the same right things week by week.

Activity & Exhibition

We hold on variety of activities to increase our unity and responsibility. We join in once a quarter to spend weekend time together, sometimes we even invite our family menbers to being togehter with us. We enjoy relax and then share peaceful moment with our families and colleagues. That's a really wonderful thing.
We attend CPHI in Shanghai, China every year, recent two years, due to Covid-19, CPHI postpone exhibition plan. Once resumed, we'll continue to be there. We are just looking forward to seeing you there.

Safety, Health And Environment

We are pround announce that our environmental management system established is in line with GB/T24001-2016/ISO14001:2015 Standard requirements. We are concerned about safety of health of staff, and being friendly environment. We agree that we should grip developing economy on one hand but also development on the other hand. So this is what we think and what we always do. We do believe this is a responsibility to society and bottom line that we should always stick to.


Innovation Achievement/Our project

We have big advantages in keeping good quality and controlling costs of product series of NCA, N-Me. NCA series is one of our most recommended product series. It's highly praised and appreciated by our demostic customers and overseas. We are the fewest ones to own this advanced technology to guide production. NCA is the most important source of active pharmaceutical ingredients to synthesize specific medicine. Our excellent technology also enable us to ensure fastest delivery, usually just taking several days for shipping.